Shani is considered as the god of justice. In other words, Shani Dev is worshiped as a deity who gives bad results to those who do good deeds and bad results to those who do bad deeds.

In order to please Shani, it is necessary to pay attention to food. If a person has Shanidosha in their horoscope, then such a person should be careful while eating on Saturday. There are certain foods which are not liked by Lord Shani.

What not to eat?
If you want to consume milk or curd on Saturday, do not forget to add turmeric or a little jaggery to it. Because Shani deity does not like plain milk and curd.

If you eat mango pickle daily, avoid it on Saturday. If you want to avoid the evil of Saturn, do not eat pickled mango on Saturday. Shanidev does not like eating mangoes.

Don’t even eat red chillies on Saturday. Shani Dev gets angry when he eats red chillies.

On Saturday you can eat chickpeas, maas and moong dal. But avoid eating musuro dal. Musuro dal is affected by Mars. Which helps to increase Saturn’s cruel gaze.

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