In the dynamic realm of technology, where innovation is the heartbeat of progress, it’s time to shine a spotlight on companies driving change for the better. Join us at Tech To The Rescue as we unveil the Tech For Good Badges 2024 campaign—a celebration of tech companies making a real impact in communities across the globe.

What Sets the Tech For Good Badge Apart?

The Tech For Good Badges are a testament to the commitment of top tech companies that, in 2023, dedicated their time and resources to deliver low bono or pro bono projects through Tech To The Rescue. Among over 1,400 companies in our movement, these exceptional teams not only volunteered their expertise but also earned glowing reviews from their nonprofit partners.

This year, we’ve introduced the Golden Tech For Good Badges, which distinguish companies that went above and beyond by engaging in multiple pro-bono projects. These Golden badges were awarded to our Founding Partners for their unwavering support of Tech To The Rescue and their significant contributions to our nonprofit community.

tech for good badges

Highlights of delivered projects:

Here are a few examples of the impactful projects delivered by our badge recipients:

  • SPEEDNET partnered with Katalyst Education, revolutionizing education in Poland by offering a digital K-12 curriculum via short videos, combatting educational inequalities.
  • Influential Software collaborated with Notes from Poland, orchestrating a remarkable 228% increase in donations through the nonprofit’s website, amplifying support for critical journalistic endeavors.
  • Irina Keis assisted “Charitable Fund Right to Protection” in auditing and testing a chatbot for protecting asylum seekers’ rights in Ukraine, showcasing the power of individual efforts in driving social change.

As we embark on the Tech For Good Badge 2024 campaign, we invite tech companies to join us in this journey of making a positive impact. 

Why Should Companies Strive for the Badge in 2024?

The Tech For Good Badge is not just another recognition; it symbolizes a commitment to societal impact and a better world. In an era where corporate social responsibility is paramount, the badge serves as a powerful tool to showcase a company’s dedication to making a positive difference. It attracts like-minded clients, partners, and talents who prioritize purpose-driven collaborations.

Displaying the Tech For Good Badge proudly on company websites, social media, and marketing materials not only highlights expertise but also inspires others to follow suit. 

It’s a testament to a team’s ability to leverage technology for the greater good, amplifying brand credibility and fostering a positive image in the tech community and beyond.

Benefits of the Badge:

  • Showcase commitment to social responsibility.
  • Connect with like-minded tech leaders and industry influencers.
  • Receive recognition through our extensive network and social media channels.


Tech For Good Awardees 2023

Criteria for getting the badge:

To qualify for the badge, companies must:

  • Match with a nonprofit from the Tech To The Rescue database
  • Successfully delivered the project for the chosen nonprofit
  • Received positive feedback from the nonprofit through the Impact Measurement Survey 

Choose your project today, and together, let’s harness the power of technology for a brighter, more equitable future.

Tech For Good Badge 2023

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