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We started Tech To The Rescue with a strong belief that every digital services company has the resources to build impactful solutions for changemakers free of charge. Since our launch in 2020, we have attracted more than 1500 technology companies to our community and enabled more than 650 pro-bono impact projects in more than 60 countries. Our vision is that by fostering these collaborations we can solve the world’s most pressing problems through technology.

At the core of our growth is a uniquely designed matching system, that enables us to connect tech and nonprofit teams for impactful collaborations, based on expertise and interests. This is how, one match at a time, we are bridging the gap between two worlds – technology and social innovators.

The infographic below shows how our matching process works.

Process of donation to Tech to the Rescue

We bridge the tech resources gap in the impact sector

Social innovators and software engineers speak different languages; without understanding each other, it is difficult to build trust, recognize the right partner, and create long-term value.

Through our experience of working with more than 1000 nonprofits from over 80 countries, we have a vast understanding of the key challenges of impact-driven organizations and how technology could help in bridging the digital equity gap.

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new industry standard
Co-create a new tech industry standard with us
Let's find innovative solutions to establish a fresh benchmark in the tech sector, driving real progress towards solving burning problems through technology.
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Join a community of Tech for Good pioneers
Join tech and social impact industry leaders and be a part of our network of advisors, enhancing your visibility and voice to create positive change on a larger scale.
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Contribute to causes you care about
Get engaged in at least one pro-bono impact project per year to get first-hand insight into the power of technology to amplify social impact.
Our impact

Dive into our annual impact reports.

How can you get involved?

Join us in our journey to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Our core initiatives and campaigns represent the core pillars of our mission, dedicated to making a meaningful impact in areas that truly matter. From education equality to environmental stewardship, these initiatives are our driving force for change.

Support our core Initiatives
1Further growth in scale
2Systemic change
3R&D Capabilities
Further growth in scale

Our growth ambitions are related to on the one hand, activating as many tech companies to engage in pro-bono projects nonprofits, and on the other hand making sure that we are delivering maximum value to organizations that have the potential to scale-up their interventions on a national or international level.

Get engaged in special programs
1AI for Changemakers
2Scouting the next Wikipedia
3Crisis Response Unit
AI for Changemakers

Our aspiration is for Changemakers to have the ability to create custom AI-based solutions to massively scale up their impact. We aim at 500 custom AI applications worth $15M in software engineering services created in next 3 years. As a result double the impact of 100 selected Impact-driven Organizations.

Download the TTTR deck

Tech To The Rescue is a non-profit organization registered in Poland (KRS no. 0000937683), with the mission to make the world better through digital technology.

Let's work together

Get engaged in our active campaigns 

Find a cause that resonates and become partner in one of our active campaigns.
Other collaboration models
Launch new campaigns with us

Let’s co-create campaigns and provide extra triggers for tech players to engage in important causes and build the new narrative within the tech industry overall.

Types of mobilisation campaigns
Crisis Response Campaigns
When emergencies strike, our Crisis Response Campaigns mobilize resources and support swiftly to address immediate needs, providing hope and relief in times of crisis.
Problem Area Campaigns
Our Problem Area Campaigns are dedicated to tackling specific societal challenges head-on, offering comprehensive solutions and sparking long-term change in critical areas.
Technology Focused Campaigns
In our Technology Focused Campaigns, we harness the power of innovation to drive progress, pushing the boundaries of what's possible through cutting-edge solutions and digital transformation.
Our ecosystem

Meet our founding partners and program sponsors.

Hear from our partners
Santiago Mendez Galvis (he/him)
Head of EMEA Corporate Citizenship
"Thanks to the collaborative approach of Tech To The Rescue, we can amplify the impact of the Lenovo Foundation mission and reach education projects across the continent. A great example of this cooperation was the coordinated response to the Turkey/ Syria Earthquake in 2023, where Tech To The Rescue coordinated the donation of Lenovo devices to power remote education projects, especially for girls."
Emily Miller (she/her)
Sr Impact Fund Manager Twilio
"The Crisis Response Unit, established jointly by Twilio and Tech To The Rescue, enables us to provide critical technological resources and expertise to the most vulnerable groups when support is needed most - in acute crises. This collaboration emphasizes the significance of forging strong partnerships and leveraging technology to achieve our mission effectively and at scale."
Rowan Barnett
Director - Europe, Middle East & Africa
"Over the last three years, and with the help of Fellows, we’ve supported Tech to the Rescue to build out their platform and scale their operations. Their growth has been inspiring: From identifying innovative nonprofit organizations addressing the world's most pressing challenges, to successfully mobilizing technology companies in over 80 countries."
Maggie Carter
Leader/Director, AWS Social Impact at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
"We’ve been proudly collaborating with Tech To The Rescue since 2022, helping to drive forward new non-profit and tech partnerships to help respond to environmental changes and reduce unequal environmental burdens around the world. Working with Tech To The Rescue team has been extremely rewarding, and we look forward to future projects together."
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