The Best Old-School Garage Anthems Of All Time

Craig David Born To Do It

Our run down of the best old school garage anthems. Let's hit the dancefloor.

Get ready to two-step as we bring you a run down of all our favourite old school garage anthems from Monsta Boy's 'Sorry' and Genius Crew's 'Boom Selection' to the unforgettable 'Flowers' from Sweet Female Attitude.

1. Wookie Feat. Lain Gray 'Battle'

This track has been in the mainstream since the early noughties. A mixture of gospel, garage and soulful charm, 'Battle' won't fail to get you moving, especially when the chanting kicks in…

2. Brandy - Angel (X-Men Vocal Mix)

Majestic, seductive and full of flavour. If this old school garage remake of Brandy's 'Angel' doesn't get you in the groove nothing will…

3. Colours feat. Stephen Emmanuel - Hold On (SE22 Mix)

Sliced up vocals and classic garage sounds... Nice!

4. Genius Crew - Boom Selection

We said it's time for action - Boom boom boom selection!

5. M-Dubs feat. Lady Saw - Bump & Grind

Our very own Ras Kwame's garage production outfit, M-Dubs, takes us back to the old school with this track featuring a sample from Lady Saw's 'No Long Talking'.

6. Roy Davis Jr feat. Peven Everett - Gabriel (Live Garage Mix)

 This is an absolute classic featuring Peven's gospel vocals and a powerful trumpet riff that together create a mellow but solid groove.

7. Wookie - Down On Me

Another one from Wookie and this time it's got a little more bass. Dark, dubby and packed with percussion, 'Down On Me' doesn't disappoint.

8. Artful Dodger feat. Craig David - What You Gonna Do

Our first from garage band, Artful Dodger featuring vocals by Craig David - a pairing that were an undeniable force in the UK garage movement since their first collaboration on Re-Rewind in 1999 - and 'What You Gonna Do' just reaffirms why they are the masters of 2-step.

9. New Horizons - Inspiration

Absolute banger!

10. DJ Deekline - I Don't Smoke

Even if you weren't a fan of garage in the late 90s we're pretty sure you still would have heard this bad boy tune from DJ Deekline that sees breakbeat and 2-step collide.

11. DEM 2 - Destiny (Sleepless)

This track, as well as 'Baby You're So Sexy', is a classic 2-step track from garage production duo Dem 2 and we're big fans.

12. Sia - Little Man (Exemen Works Mix)

Exemen Works' remix of Sia's track 'Little Man' is a much loved garage classic thanks to it's sultry grimey lows and soulful peaks.

13. Daniel Beddingfield - Gotta Get Through This

You all know this one, right?

14. Artful Dodger feat. Craig David - Woman Trouble

Another banging TUNE from Artful Dodger featuring Craig David.

15. Monsta Boy feat. Denzie - Sorry

BIG vocals and a BIG beat, what more do you want?

16. Y-Tribe - Enough Is Enough

Some seriously pure garage sounds right here! POWERFUL vocals and a hard to resist pulsating bass.

17. Amira - My Desire

A big track for the garage girls, 'My Desire' has been a favourite garage anthem since its release and we can see (hear) why!

18. 24Hour Experience - Together

This track was produced by 24Hour Experience (Grant Nelson and Simon Firmin) in 1994 and went on to become an absolute banger!

19. Tina Moore - Never Gonna Let You Go (Kelly G Remix)

Kelly G's remix of Tina Moore's 1995 track 'Never Gonna Let You Go' made it into the Top 10 in 97 and still has us two-stepping today.

20. Jaheim - Just In Case (Dubaholics remix)

Fast paced, soulful and a massive floor filler.

21. Lovestation - Teardrops

Back in the late 90s UK garage was in love with captivating female vocals and Lovestation's cover of Womack & Womacks hit 'Teardrops' in 1998 is a great example of why. The track's even been sampled in Julio Bashmore's track 'Footsteppin''.

22. Shola Ama - Run To Me

In addition to the garage mix of Shola Ama's 'Imagine' the UK garage scene was treated to this remix of her track 'Run To Me'.

23. Kele Le Roc - My Love (10° Below remix)

Timeless classic.

24. The Wideboys feat Dennis G - Sambuca

And we've all sang along to this one...

25. Indo - R U Sleeping (Bump & Flex Remix)

If this doesn't wake you up nothing will.

26. Artful Dodger - Movin' Too Fast

Absolute blinder from Artful Dodger with great vocals by Romina Johnson. This one will have you dancing like it's the Millennium! Proper garage nostalgia.

27. Sweet Female Attitude

Upbeat UK garage at its best.

28. DJ Luck & MC Neat - With A Little Bit Of Luck

Ending on a high...