Earlier today we announced the launch of the AI for Changemakers Accelerator Program at the MIT Forge 2024 event. AI for Changemakers is a multi-year initiative we’ve been working on for many months now, and we believe it’ll have a significant impact on how nonprofits access this newest tech driver.


This is our Call for Action to all you AI innovators: tech businesses, philanthropists, and software companies.

We find ourselves at the brink of an AI-driven era, it’s too easy to overlook one of the largest opportunities of our time: the chance to arm impact organizations with a real advantage against the key challenges of modern humanity like world hunger, climate change or humanitarian crises in war-torn areas.

Jacek Siadkowski, CEO of Tech To The Rescue at MIT Forge 2024

event organized by Imagination in Action 


In order to solve modern challenges, we need to get nonprofits truly involved and present.

Nonprofit organizations are the experts in addressing such issues, especially on a local level. However, nonprofit organizations are traditionally underfunded and lack proper tech talent. Technology is last on their priority list, as there are always more pressing investments to be made. But it doesn’t mean they don’t know how much they need it.


Technology is a major component of building impact. It provides all kinds of advantages, from building scaling-up opportunities, through increased efficiency, to dramatically improving communication efforts of all kinds. That’s why–should we want to make nonprofit organizations more effective in pursuing their goals–we need to provide proper funds, the talent, as well as a safe sandbox environment to let them learn AI and fail without consequences. This is the only way to help nonprofit organizations embrace AI; keeping them waiting while everyone else shapes the AI environment is not an option, as it would only end up with changemakers being years behind the biggest change since the Industrial Revolution. 


We cannot afford that.

Now, you and I, we’ve both seen many alliances or coalitions of small and large tech companies claiming they’d make AI more accessible. The problem is that the feedback we’ve got from the industry so far is simple: while some of them might be effective on a policy level, they have little impact on the nonprofit sector.


That’s how the idea of the AI for Changemakers Program was born.

By rallying quantitative support from industry leaders like AWS or Google.org we shape an actual nonprofit accelerator that strengthens the sector, fosters its growth and offers a major advantage in solving the key challenges of humanity. At the same time, it provides our Partners – technology leaders, philanthropists, software companies – with a unique social impact opportunity, allowing them to become true changemakers.


The only question is: is your company ready to join it and embrace all our Acceleration Program could offer? 


Got questions about the program? Want to join as a Partner? 

Reach out on LinkedIn or contact us at [email protected] 


Go to the AI for Changemakers program website. 

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