How it works 

A CSR Program or dedicated working time for employees to devote to social projects means that your company has set aside specific resources, time, or funding to support social and environmental causes. This could include initiatives like charitable donations, volunteer programs, or sustainable business practices. 


What is the typical scale of engagement in this model?

This is a constant commitment

Benefits for your company:

  • Establishing your own CSR program improves your company’s reputation and customer loyalty by demonstrating a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. 
  • It can also help you attract and retain top talents, who are increasingly looking for organizations that share their values and provide opportunities for meaningful work. 
  • Developing CSR activities can help your team explore different types of projects and embrace new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Tech To The Rescue recommended process to work with this model:

Step 1

Define your objectives by identifying impact areas you want to contribute to. Perhaps your company is interested in engaging in social initiatives related to reforestation or gender equality. These are important to predetermining your program’s criteria. 

Step 2

Appoint a dedicated employee to lead the program who will be responsible for engaging with stakeholders and partners and organizing the internal team. 

Step 3

Build a comprehensive team with diverse backgrounds and expertise who are passionate about making a difference. 

Step 4

Establish KPIs to define the success of your program. This can be, for example, predefining a number of projects your team will deliver quarterly on a pro-bono basis. 

Step 5

Measure and report progress to understand the scope of impact of the program.

Risk management:

An unstructured CSR Program can get a bad reputation for being a costly and resource-intensive initiative, if not aligned with the company’s values and goals. Particularly, if your company has extensive due-diligence processes that take time and need to be undertaken by the nonprofit. To mitigate the risk, make sure your program is part of your overall corporate strategy.

At Koncepted, we’re all about making waves in the creative world. With the top 3% of global talent and a workflow smoother than your favourite coffee blend, we’re not just in the business of design – we’re in making a positive impact for the community. Designing for nonprofits goes beyond supporting a good cause; it is a way of uniting your internal design squad with meaningful goals and enrich team culture. This holistic approach ensures that services seamlessly blend business success with a meaningful contribution to the community. Cheers to creativity, purpose, and a darn good design journey!

Matija Dugar, CEO at Koncepted Inc.

Matija Dugar, CEO at Koncepted Inc.

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