How it works

Consider providing Tech Mentoring sessions if you can allocate and ‘lend’ part of your team to work for another nonprofit organization, delivering impactful things for a fixed amount of time. In this way, not only can you contribute to a good cause but you will also empower your employees with fresh energy, let them learn new perspectives, feel a sense of purpose, and boost their work enthusiasm. This model is better suited for larger and more structured tech companies. 


What is the typical scale of engagement in this model?

This is a flexible commitment from one session to a couple of weeks depending of the project

Benefits for your company

  • This model can help you show your employees that they are valued experts and that you are focused on their development, well-being, loyalty, and retention. It is like giving them a sabbatical leave, but with extra benefits for all parties involved.
  • At the end of the mentoring program, employees often report that they feel motivated, energized, and ready for new challenges within the company. They also bring many new ideas, contacts, and skills to be instantly utilized internally. 
  • Tech mentoring is also a great opportunity to showcase your company’s social responsibility through PR and marketing initiatives. 

Tech To The Rescue recommended process to work with this model:

Step 1

You can plan your tech mentorship in two ways:

    1. One way is to start by defining your area of interest to base the mentorship on. This could be by  region, type of technology, problem area, or any theme close to your heart, and then recruit people that would be a good fit. 
    2. Another way is to identify the team members who would benefit from such a program within your company: consider their contribution, skills, achievements, and momentum. Then, search for a nonprofit organization that could benefit based on the skills within your recruited team.

Step 2

Define the length and availability of all members involved to donate for the mentorship; 

Step 3

Contact one of our Matching Managers to help you find the best nonprofit organization from our network and propose mentorship

Risk management:

From our experience, nonprofits rarely proactively request mentorship sessions, although they could benefit from them. Therefore, make sure you have a clear and concrete mentorship proposal with a defined scope and deliverables, so that they understand the objective. Also, ensure you have an organized and proper handover to the nonprofit’s team once the mentoring ends. 

Embarking on the rewarding journey of pro-bono work for NGOs is not just a charitable endeavor; it’s a profound source of satisfaction and purpose. If your company is considering such a venture, my advice is to dive in wholeheartedly. Discover the magic that comes from aligning your skills and resources with causes that resonate with your team. Treat each pro-bono project as a collaborative story, where your expertise meets the meaningful missions of NGOs, creating a powerful synergy. >>>Read full interview<<<

Milan Puvača, CEO of Ofir

Milan Puvaca - Ofir

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Ofir is a skilled technology company that has donated professional expertise and time to deliver various pro-bono projects to nonprofits, from creating websites for charities to consulting on solutions. In this way, Milan Puvača, the CEO of Ofir, has given over 15,000 USD worth of service 

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